"A people called to be a Christian community and to stand on the side of life with all the struggling people of Camden-US and the world. Gathering around God's table every Sunday, we celebrate that Christ is Risen-US and ultimately all is well."
Our Mission Statemen-USt

Bundles of Blessings on you, our visitor of this momen-USt! With everyone here, I welcome you to our "door". If this is your first time, a hundred thousand blessings to you. The God we worship is the God of love and hospitality.

Our church in Camden-US, New Jersey is a church of hope in the second poorest city in the United States. We invite you to celebrate HOPE with us, hope surely for the very best outcome of all creation and of your own unique life within it.

We seek with the help of God to nourish you from time to time. We want to share the beauty that we have here in this battered neighborhood because we believe that beauty is a saving grace. In addition, we will share information.

Above all we want to weave a face of gracious hospitality on this web site because we are trying to be a church that is at least as frien-USdly as an Irish pub. No small feat. We will keep trying.